9. April 2017

What do the Munich Datageeks do?

The Munich Datageeks are an independent, non-profit organization with the goal to foster digitalization in Munich. We connect industry with community, research and politics to create knowledge transfer between the parties and to help companies of all sizes to master the digital transformation.


Our root in the community is the Datageeks Meetup. The Munich Datageeks Meetup is with over 3.000 members the largest analytics meetup in Munich, #3 in Germany.

Besides our own meetup series we are proud to count the AppliedR meetup, the Kaggle meetup as well as the Autonomous Driving meetup as partners within our community network. Since 2016 we have added the Datageeks Data Day to our meetup portfolio which is a whole day meetup just like a developer conference.

With everything we do, it is most important to us that the talks you hear at our meetups are from the community, for the community.


We want to help Munich-based companies with their digital transformation, regardless of their level of maturity.

For companies that are at the starting point of their digital transformation we offer digital learning journeys or a sparrings partner from our Datageeks experts network.Here, you can get first impulses on how other firms tackle data and analytics or discuss your most pressuring topics with one of our Datageeks experts.

For more advanced firms we offer help with building a reputation in Munich's data and tech scene as well as with recruiting data scientists. Since many companies are searching for talent it becomes increasingly important for firms to be visible for the community. Our meetups have proven to be an excellent and inexpensive means of creating a reputation within the community.


The Munich Datageeks have strong ties with Munich's universities, especially with the statistics and computer science chairs. We help open source projects like mlr to get funding from the industry and, vice versa, make connections between companies and academia for joint research projects. In the end, a close tie to universities is vital for innovation and recruting new talents.


While the bavarian government offers various fundings for innovative digitalization projects, firms are yet to make use of these offerings. We as the Munich Datageeks want to reach out, especially to the small- and medium-sized companies, show the possibilities of digitalization and make a connection to the wide variety of fundings.Other than that, we are constantly pushing to have more open data available for Munich - to make it an even smarter city.