We are constantly looking for motivated people to join our initiative. If you feel like this is a good thing, you have several options to get involved.

Meet the community

We meet every other month, listen to two data-related talks, have a beer together and chat. It’s free and it’s open. You’re very welcome to join and bring your friends. Check out our meetup-page, join us there and get all the latest information on our meetups.

Give a talk at our meetup

You have an interesting project that you are working on? You developed a new algorithm or R-Package? You came across some cool data that you wanna share or want to tell the community about your innovative solution to a data-driven problem? Nice – we’d like to host your talk at one of our next meetups. Shoot Janek an email at and we will come back at you for scheduling. In the meanwhile, click here for a list of talks from recent meetups; maybe that serves as a source of inspiration for you.

Become an active club member

We have a lot of ideas on how to push Munich as a data science hub. And with more people, we could bring more of our ideas to life. So if you also have a passion for data and some spare time, we look forward to working with you on the expansion of our club. Shoot us an email at and we will let you know how and where you can join the crew.