16. Mai 2016


Munich Datageeks e.V.:

After Miguels departure from the datageeks, Torsten wanted to expand the concept and idea behind the Munich Datageeks. This was the first step to become a registered association (eingetragender gemeinnütziger Verein). The foundation took place on the 12.05.2015 and four people took the organization of the meetup and the association in their hands:

torsten chris
Torsten – 1. Chair (Vorstand) Christian – 2. Chair (Stellvertreter)
roger janek
Robert – Treasurer (Kassenwart) Janek – Reporter (Schriftführer)


Everybody who is interested in data and want to play a part in the Munich Datageeks e.V. can join. Just write us an email or speak to us at one of the meetups.