Cloud Security – Can you sleep well when your application is in the cloud?

What to expect: Two speakers sharing their experiences on Cloud Security An inspirational evening and interesting discussions Exchange of views and experience, great networking Snacks and Drinks Agenda: 18:30: Snacks and Drinks 19:00-19:10: Introduction (Tilman Seifert) 19:10-19:20: Cloud Native Identity Management (Andreas Zitzelsberger) + Intro of our speaker Andrew Jessup 19:20-19:40: Building trust between modern distributed systems with SPIFFE[…]

Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour

Hi Community, Today we have a very special free event for you. The Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour comes to Germany: –                      Jan. 17th Berlin –                      Jan. 18th Munich   The Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour is for developers who want to receive detailed advice and instructions for building solutions in the cloud. The sessions will give[…]

Ben Flood – Insurance Stuff for DataGeeks

Abstract: Presenting the data story of a very complicated analysis of a financial insurance product, aimed at a non-financial, non-insurance audience. Bio: Statistician, Senior Manager in Financial Services in KPMG (has also been called software engineer, mathematician, data scientist, actuary, and quant, depending on the client). Has worked in a diamond factory, a graphic design[…]

Michael Green: Deep probabilistic neural networks – A way forward

Abstract: In a world where deep learning and other massively scalable perception machines are at our disposal, allowing us to build amazing applications, the time is now ripe to move beyond the concept of pure perception and into broader Artificial Intelligence (AI). The path towards AI goes through what’s missing in many applications today; Inference.[…]

Marcel Tilly & Olivia Klose – My Robot can learn – using Reinforcement Learning to teach my Robot

Abstract: My Robot can learn – using Reinforcement Learning to teach my Robot A new star is rising at the machine learning horizon: reinforcement learning (RL). The concept entails an agent and an incentive-based training system. The agent learns via incentives and improves its behaviour – a self-learning system using simple rules – leading to[…]