9. April 2017

What we do for the industry

We want to help Munich-based companies with their digital transformation, regardless of their level of maturity. For companies that are at the starting point of their digital transformation we offer digital learning journeys or a sparrings partner from our Datageeks experts network. For more advanced firms we offer help with building a reputation in Munich's data and tech scene as well as with recruiting data scientists.

In case you are interested to see how other tech companies in Munich are doing, you are welcome to join the Datageeks Digital Learning Journey. In groups of about ten people we will schedule a tour through Munich's most interesting tech companies to get insights on how startups organize their work, how analytics help other businesses, and how data science projects are carried out.

Your company is already involved in data science and you want to recruit new talent, build a reputation in Munich's data and tech scene, or you just feel that supporting the Munich Datageeks is a good thing? In this case you might want to be the sponsor of our next meetup.

Every beginning is difficult, so getting support from an expert might be the game changer. Other times it’s just good to get a second, independent opinion on a topic. We created the Datageeks Expert Network to help small and medium-sized companies to get input from a trusted specialist on exactly the topic you're most interested in.