Datageeks Expert Network

Every beginning is difficult, so getting support from an expert might be the game changer. Other times it’s just good to get a second, independent opinion on a topic.

From several discussions with companies we realized the demand for an initial exchange with experts. Some companies want to know how they can use new technologies like Hadoop, others are interested in advice on recruiting or organization.

To address these needs we created this Datageeks expert network – a place where you can get a first input or feedback on your issue from a trusted specialist of our Datageeks network.

Key facts

How does this work?

  • You have a specific question, we most certainly have an expert to help you with that in our network. To get in contact with the expert select a topic, describe your problem and send it to our expert email We will then select the most suitable expert for you and our expert will get in touch with you to schedule an appointment to discuss your question.

How much does that cost?

  • While still in beta stadium, the service is free of charge.

What can you expect?

  • We want to provide you with a first orientation or give you a second opinion. The time for a call or meeting should not exceed 1-2 h, since this service is provided by individuals during their spare time. Therefore, it might also happen that our experts do not reply during the same day you contact them.

What does „beta stadium“ mean?

  • Beta stadium means that, while we believe that this service helps many companies with digitalization, the concept is still under evaluation and might be changed or adapted to the future. Further, using our expert network is no substitute for professional consulting

The Experts

Who are the Datageeks experts?

  • Our experts are handpicked members of our network. Each of them is actively working on data science projects either in his studies or job. Therefore they know how to run successful data science projects and are familiar with the usage of current technology and new developments. Over the years each of them has build up deep expertise in his specific topic.

How are the Datageeks experts selected?

  • Becoming a member of the network happens exclusively via invitation. This way we can ensure that you will only get opinions from people that have a clear expertise in the field of interest. Also, we can be sure that you will not speak to a sales person that might have incentives to sell a product or service.

What range of topics do your experts cover?

  • Our experts have various backgrounds like computer science, statistics, business informatics, physics and other analytical fields of science. Combined with their working experience they can give first advices on a wide range of topics, e.g. the usage of technologies, inspiration on use cases, recruiting, organization, and potential partners.