DaDaDa2016: Andreas Groll – Modeling Football Results Using Match-specific Covariates

Abstract: Modeling Football Results Using Match-specific Covariates A model for results of football matches is proposed that is able to take into account match-specifi c covariates as, for example, the total distance a team runs in the specifi c match. The model extends the Bradley-Terry model in many diff erent ways. In addition to the inclusion of covariates,[…]

DaDaDa2016: Daniel Weimer – Deep Convolutional Neural Networks in industrial applications

Abstract:  Deep Learning is a new (and at the same time old) paradigm in machine learning which allows to extract features directly from huge amounts of raw data with a minimum of human interaction. This talk gives an introduction about deep learning in general and focuses an important application of deep convolutional neural networks (CNN)[…]

Andrey Sereda – Modelling of customer churn in B2B on SAP HANA & R

Presented: 08.10.2016 Bio: Andrey Sereda is a manager in the Data Analysis practice at Siemens CF A. He has 6 years experience in working as a data scientist and consultant on data-driven project solutions, ranging from customer and market segmentation based on market research and transactional data to data mining applications for financial and retail[…]