Ben Flood – Insurance Stuff for DataGeeks

Abstract: Presenting the data story of a very complicated analysis of a financial insurance product, aimed at a non-financial, non-insurance audience. Bio: Statistician, Senior Manager in Financial Services in KPMG (has also been called software engineer, mathematician, data scientist, actuary, and quant, depending on the client). Has worked in a diamond factory, a graphic design[…]

Michael Green: Deep probabilistic neural networks – A way forward

Abstract: In a world where deep learning and other massively scalable perception machines are at our disposal, allowing us to build amazing applications, the time is now ripe to move beyond the concept of pure perception and into broader Artificial Intelligence (AI). The path towards AI goes through what’s missing in many applications today; Inference.[…]

Payara 4 + Java EE 8 + Microprofile API + OpenShift

What to expect: Two speakers sharing their experiences on Java EE An inspirational evening and interesting discussions Exchange of views and experience, great networking Snacks and Drinks Agenda: 18:30 Snacks and Drinks 19:00 Cloud-ready Micro Java EE 8: Ondro Mihályi, Payara 20:00 Cloud-native Java EE-volution: M.-Leander Reimer, QAware GmbH 21:00 More snacks, more drinks, more insights, and networking Time[…]

Life Sciences Data Munich

I’d like to announce a re-launch of our group Life Sciences and Computation Meetup. This is a series of talks, discussion and networking, on topics in the emerging area of biocomputation. You’ll learn about the brain, how cells compute, how to model diseases etc. We’ll have talks on neurorobotics, brain imaging, bioinformatics, IBM Watson[…]

Digital Product School batch#3

Digital Product School is looking for interaction designers, software- and AI-engineers who want to gather experience! DPS is a 3-month training program by UnternehmerTUM: It educates the next generation of digital product makers. Software Developers, Artificial Intelligence Engineers, Product Managers and Interaction Designers work together in interdisciplinary teams, develop cutting edge digital products and get[…]

The Call for Proposals is now open for Strata Data London

The Call for Proposals is now open for Strata Data London The O’Reilly Strata Data Conference in London is happening 21-24 May, 2018 and they’re looking for speakers to share their compelling data case studies, proven best practices, effective new analytic approaches, and exceptional skills with an audience of data scientists, analysts, and executives. Proposals will[…]