Cloud Security – Can you sleep well when your application is in the cloud?

What to expect:

  • Two speakers sharing their experiences on Cloud Security
  • An inspirational evening and interesting discussions
  • Exchange of views and experience, great networking
  • Snacks and Drinks


18:30: Snacks and Drinks
19:00-19:10: Introduction (Tilman Seifert)
19:10-19:20: Cloud Native Identity Management (Andreas Zitzelsberger) + Intro of our speaker Andrew Jessup
19:20-19:40: Building trust between modern distributed systems with SPIFFE (Andrew Jessup, Scytale; Remote Talk)
19:40-19:55: Q&A
20:10-20:55: Twistlock: Elevating Cloud Native Security (Ashley Ward, Twistlock)
21:00: More snacks, more drinks, more insights, and networking

Time and Place:

February 20th I 18:30 I Aschauer Straße 30 I Munich


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