DaDaDa 2016: Ralf Klüber – Legally fine but creepy


In the recent past, community norms helped guide a clear sense of ethical boundaries with respect to privacy. One does not peek into the window of a house even if it is left open. Data collection via apps on smartphones allows businesses to open a virtual window into the private sphere of users. The general principles do not change when instead of physical open window data scientists are looking via a virtual window into the private space of others. When still perfectly covered under legal aspects certain analytics can already be considered creepy. Perceptions of creepiness are highly subjective and difficult to generalize. Ralf will give some examples to the audience to judge about their creepiness. The discussion will lead to the challenge how to draw a personal boundary when actively working with personal identifiable, pseudonymous and anonymous data.


Ralf Klüber is Managing Director and Co-Founder at P3 insight GmbH. He focuses on benchmarking mobile networks based on data collected via crowdsourced smartphone applications. Ralf holds a Dipl.-Ing. in Electrical Engineering from Technische Hochschule Darmstadt. Ralf is active as a professional in the mobile network space for seventeen years and held major roles in areas of radio network planning, strategy and consulting in tier-one mobile operators and consulting firms. He continuously is swimming up-stream in the river of technology, dealing currently with data analytics, big data, visualization, managing a start-up and a family of four.

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