Cloud Native Night Munich #3

Cloud Native Night Munich #3: It’s all about Cloud Native – On November 24th QAware will present the third Meetup of a four part series on Cloud Native Applications and everything around that.   What to expect: an informative and inspirational evening with top speakers from, Rancher & Microsoft exclusive insights on cloud native[…]

Code Slam Munich

Upcoming events: Looking for the best coder in town! Burda Hackday team is organizing the first Code Slam Munich – on November 22th, 2016. This is a “hackathon on steroids” – each carefully selected participant will have only 4 hours to work on a challenge that will be announced only that night. So there will[…]

O’Reilly Software Architecture San Francisco – Nov. 13-16

Software Architecture Conference: Software Architecture is the professional training event that’s not just for software architects but for any engineer, programmer, developer, or team leader who does part of an architect’s job in the course of their work. That’s probably you. Get coverage of the most important topics of the day—microservices, software architecture fundamentals, modernizing[…]

DaDaDa 2016: Felix Friedmann – Semantic Segmentation

Abstract:  With the rise of Deep Learning, paradigms have changed in several well-established fields of computer science. Algorithms that had been developed for decades were instantly outperformed by deep neural networks and often levels of performance were reached that seemed unimaginable. Computer Vision was one of the first areas that were conquered by Deep Learning. AlexNet, a deep Convolutional Neural[…]

DaDaDa 2016: Daniel Pettersson – Bayesian Semantics: Verb Sense Induction

Abstract: Bayesian models, such as topic modeling (LDA), have had enormous impact on natural language processing. Although deep neural architectures have improved performance on many tasks, there are still many problems that lend themselves best to a Bayesian treatment. In this talk, we will motivate and develop a Bayesian model for verb sense induction, based[…]