New 2016 Data Science Salary Survey, Strata + Hadoop World in NYC live stream from O’Reilly

Expo Plus Pass: What’s Included

The Strata + Hadoop World Expo Plus pass ($395) includes a lot more than access to the Expo Hall. Not only do you get to meet, greet, and network with 5,000+ like minds, you also get access to the expo hall, sponsored sessions, up to two technical sessions (Wednesday and/or Thursday), and special events like the Startup Showcase (Tue), and the Developer Showcase in the expo hall.

2016 Data Science Salary Survey

For the fourth year running, O’Reilly Media has collected survey data from data scientists, engineers, and others in the data space, about their skills, tools, and salary. Across the four years of data, many key trends are more or less constant: median salaries, top tools, and correlations among tool usage. For this year’s analysis, they’ve collected responses from September 2015 to June 2016, from 983 data professionals.

In this report, O’Reilly provides some different approaches to the analysis, in particular conducting clustering on the respondents (not just tools). They’ve also adjusted the linear model for improved accuracy, using a square root transform and publicly available data on geographical variation in economies. The survey itself also included new questions, most notably about specific data-related tasks and any change in salary.
Below is a summary of the live streaming and recording plans for Strata + Hadoop World in New York next week.

**Pending speaker consent** keynote presentations taking place on Wednesday and Thursday will be both streamed live and recorded. The short url is

The player is freely embeddable and it’s OK promote the live stream starting Monday.

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