Andrey Sereda – Modelling of customer churn in B2B on SAP HANA & R

Presented: 08.10.2016 Bio: Andrey Sereda is a manager in the Data Analysis practice at Siemens CF A. He has 6 years experience in working as a data scientist and consultant on data-driven project solutions, ranging from customer and market segmentation based on market research and transactional data to data mining applications for financial and retail[…]

Udacity Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree

Self-driving cars are set to revolutionize the way we live. Unfortunately, its engineers are still few and far between. Udacity wants to change that. This week, we launched the Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree Program, the first of its kind worldwide, developed in collaboration with the best companies in the field. Given your interest in machine[…]

O’Reilly Live Training Courses in Data

Live Training Courses in Data O’Reilly’s Live Training offers intensive, hands-on courses on current critical data topics–covering everything from SQL fundamentals to distributed computing with Spark; geo-located data to building data pipelines. These live, online courses are led by instructors from O’Reilly’s unparalleled network of tech innovators and expert practitioners.