Greg Luck, the CEO of Hazelcast @Lightweight Java User Group München

Greg Luck, the CEO of Hazelcast will take his time and talk to us about Caching and JCache. You will not only have the chance to listen but also ask questions and have a discussion.

Abstract: Caching is a frequently used and misused technique for speeding up performance, off-loading non-scalable or expensive infrastructure, scaling systems and coping with large processing peaks. In this talk Greg introduces you to caching and highlights the key caching theory points that you should consider in applying caching. Then we take a comprehensive look at the new JCache standard standardises Java usage of caching.

Speaker Bio: Greg was the co-spec lead on the recently completed JSR107 JCache specification and the was founder of Ehcache. He is a member of the JCP Executive Committee. Greg is CEO of Hazelcast, and prior to that, was CTO at Terracotta.

In order to sign up for the meetup, please follow the link below:

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