Darth Vader is searching a new job!

What’s your Name?
Darth Vader
Email address to be contacted?
What’s your job level?
Permanent employment
Describe your perfect job?
My perfect job is, being the Imperator of the Imperium. A good mixture of office and hands-on tasks like retching incompetent Storm Troopers. Teaching students is important for me as well, I love to bedevil weak and ugly kids.
What was your coolest project ever?
Building a Death Star! I loved to be part of a great team that didn’t spare neither trouble nor expense to complete project in time and great quality.
How does it come that you are a Data Scientist?
The dark side of the Force told me to do so.
Your 5 best skills?
Handling a Lightsaber, Being Evil, Retching, Heavy breathing and Java 93
Who is your biggest idol?
Wile E. Coyote
What in your live do you repend most?
Killing Padmé Amidala
What are you doing to forget work?
Collecting stams, Wearing my Speedo at the beach of Naboo